Supporting NUMARK NS7III

So in many of the other questions regarding this topic I have seen:

…“But please note that we can not support the mechanical platters of the jogwheel.”


Does this mean algoriddim does not know how to support them or are you not interested in supporting them?

I ask mainly because I would leave ser… in a heartbeat and return to your software if you could support these devices. There are many reasons including functionality and looks and the intuitiveness of the software, I’m sure many others who have had to move on would agree.

Hey BC,

we are limited to the hardware and the documentation of the controllers.
Therefore, we can not support the NS7III, as the platters are getting treated controller-internally.

Cheers,Lukas E.

i COMPLETELY AGREE in the need for the unmark ns7iii to be compatible with the software! is there anyone working on manually mapping this out?