Swapping from CDJs to controller, unable to change swift release Vinyl.CD/Jog mode. don't have access to CDJs today-just controllers

Hi Algoriddim! I’m sure this is a very simple preference setting but its eluded me today… Last night I was DJing with standard CDJ 2000 set up. All brilliant as always. I always set my curves to super sharp on touch/break as I want the track to always start the instant I hit play - I never want that vinyl speeding up sound. Who does eh?! Anyway, I noticed I jogged the button back to medium release setting as I was packing away but didn’t think anything of it. (Well, it had been a 6 hour set.) Today, I’m trying to record using my Pioneer controller and FFS, every song is now starting with that blurred speeding up sound. Obviously its a problem when starting a track from nothing and also when syncing with the other deck. I don’t have access to CDJs today where I know I can just change the setting back - but how can I change it within Djay pro 2? Or using a pioneer DDJ SB2/SB3/SX3/SR2 controller…? (yeah yeah I know - some girls collect shoes, I collect controllers…)

Apologies for the lack of technical terms, but at the moment if I said Dua Lipa starts “Oooooooooooooooone Kiss is all it takes” you’ll know what I mean! :wink:


are you refering to the toggle between CD / Vinyl mode on your job wheels ?