Switch Library Table No Longer Working on MIDI controller

Switch Library Table & Mark/Unmark Selected Tracks no longer working on my Pioneer SB2, could have nothing to do with controller. WAS working just about 2-3 weeks ago, and I have updated to 2.0.4. This is under a custom midi mapping, but I’ve even switched to the SB2 Built it, where pressing the SB2 browsing knob button switches Library tables (Playlists, Tracks, Queue, etc.) and THAT does not work either. What’s up, yo?

Hi im using numrak controller and its look like we have kind of same problem, when im browsing songs in a playlist and then i want to back to the playlists section, when i press on the knob, and when i using the rotary it immediately back into the playlist, is it the same as you? (using spotify)