Switch window mode (video mode, 2 vinyl mode, 4 decks mode, etc..) no way to do this via MIDI currently or any shortcut?

There is currently no way to switch window mode via MIDI
(video mode, 2 vinyl mode, 4 decks mode, etc…)

Could this be implemented?

Hi Antho Esebag,

thank you for your post. Can you tell us which djay Pro version you are referring to?

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi Lukas!

Thanks for the prompt reply!

I’m running 1.3.1 purchased from the Mac App Store.

I mapped a MIDI controller of mine (the Novation Twitch) with 4 tracks and video, and it works like an absolute charm, but I have a few ‘unmapped’ buttons left on the controller, and I wanted to be able to switch between modes directly via the controller, especially to switch between video and audio modes.

Is there any way to do this yet?

I noticed a few other missing controls that can’t be accessed via MIDI yet, but this one is my priority if you have a workaround / solution for it :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!