Switching Between Playlist List and Track List Resets Position

Hey, this is driving me crazy and I’m posting to hopefully get this fixed in the next update.

So when track list is sorted by bpm, using the Denon LC6000 navigating to Playlists via button and then back to the track list resets the track list navigation to the very top. So if you’re in the middle of your music collection, you have to scroll all the way to where you were before.

Please fix!!!

Hi @miishmash,

Thanks for reaching out about this. We’ll be happy to take a closer look, but I just wanted to clarify a couple of items so that we can reproduce the issue on our devices here. Could you please tell me the following:

  1. What version of djay are you currently using?
  2. Could you tell me step-by-step what leads to the issue occurring? You said “navigating to Playlists via button and then back to the track list” leads to the reset… Did you start in the track list of a particular playlist, and then navigate into the playlist panel, then back into the track list of that same playlist? Or did you switch playlists entirely, and then go back in to a previously chosen playlist?

Thanks in advance for the additional clarification.

Hi, happy to clarify. Running version 3.1.8

I’m in music collection. I sort by bpm and scroll down to a track in the middle of the list. I press the “back” button on a Denon LC6000 which highlights the same playlist (music collection). I don’t navigate to any other playlist. I press “forward” button. Playlist is reset to the very top and I have to scroll all the way back to where I was. Same thing happens if I choose another playlist and then navigate back to music collection.

Does that make sense?

Yes, that makes total sense… thanks for the additional information! I’ve reported the issue to our technical team, and I’ll keep you updated here with news about this.

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.