Switching from serato with external hd, no crates

I’m switching from serato to DJ pro and I do not have any of my crates showing up in the crates section. I don’t see any way to import. If I analyze the library will it overwrite my file tags? I have them already analyzed with mixed in key. Thanks

@Zack_101 djay Pro cannot read your Serato library directly. If you want to transfer your crates, playlists, hot cues and saved loops over to djay Pro you will need to use a 3rd party software like DJ Conversion Utility, Rekordcloud, MIXO, etc.

DJ Conversion Utility is not yet compatible with djay pro 5.0.
For current status, check the Facebook Page:

Thanks for that @Michael_Wisniewski!

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As a competitor knowing many users might come from Serato, this is less than convenient.

That said, even if conversion worked for 5.0, if I added new tracks in the Serato library with an external drive, I’d have to reconvert each time?

But Djay can read Serato crates if they are stored internally?

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Hi @Zack_101, I’m checking with the dev team to see if they have any other suggestions for you.

Thanks, i appreciate it!

I am having the same issue

Yes, djay Pro can read Serato crates if they are stored internally.

Thanks I know. but how about the ability to read external library, most of us working DJay have our library on external drives and Serato would create the crates on the external drive.

@Zack_101 and @Junior_Pops,

  1. I heard back from the engineering team, and there is a known limitation with the My Crates source.
  2. The actual Serato Library file needs to be in the ~/Music/_Serato_ folder on your device.
  3. They are looking at the possibility of changing this in a future release, but I cannot say when this might happen.
  4. In the meantime, they recommend you try copying your Serato library file to the ~/Music/_Serato_ folder on your device. If this Serato library file contains the full paths pointing to the external drive, then these files should show up in My Crates after you do this.
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Thanks for the update. Admittedly that a big bummer for me.

this would be welcomed. long term serato user and tracks and serato crates are external.

the itunes workaround is a no no for me because i use match and i dont want all my rubbish music to be uploaded. Beside the 50k limit of Match.


Exactly the same scenario here using external HD. Serato user from day 1 looking to use Djay Pro 5.0 due to the recent features. With 15 years worth of crate and library investment using serato switching over ain’t easy until this has been considered. There mut be thousands ready to switch but can’t face starting library management from scratch. Shame…


+1 This will be a game changer for Djay pro

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Please make this process of importing serato crates available, also for windows.

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I don’t see this on windows… is this not available or am I missing something?

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