Sync button stopped working

I just purchased the software this week and spent a few hours setting up queue points for the tracks I wanted to mix. The sync button worked flawlessly during this setup, automatically ensuring the BPM for the tracks matched and that the target track jumped to align with beats of the other deck’s track. Did a few practice runs with a set of the exact same tracks. In total I spent about 10 hours setting this up.

Close the program last night and load the exact same playlist today, using the same sequence of songs and the sync button no longer works?

Has this problem been resolved now?

I’ve seen an older, 3 year old thread talking about this issue here but there seemed to be no resolution provided.

Asking for the names of the songs and testing those in your environment to say they are syncing well will not be a good response. I’m pretty sure they’ll sync up just fine as they did for me the last 10-15 times. The issue arises after the software and it’s database have been used a few times and an eventual issue causes the sync button to stop working all together.

DJay Pro v1.0.27493.0 on Windows 10 Pro v1809

This is a very pressing issue over here (on a Mac) as well.

It’s unreproducible so far on my end.

Just judging by the ‘feel’ of it, it seems as if the time-stretching/sync engine gets wonky every once in a while. Not sure what throws it off though, def happens more often when I di a mix of local and streaming files.

The worst is when that happens right at the beginning of a night long set and you basically have to stop and bridge and restart the software or the laptop for it.


I am having this exact same issue with a big gig tonight and the same setlist I have been rehearsing for weeks without issue now will not sync.

What are you guys thinking not fixing or responding to this issue?! It is going to impact your clients livelihoods, and that isnt a very good thing for the viability of your company!

I really dont want to switch over to Serato but I will have to if your software has basic functionality issues and you dont fix them!