Sync from macbook pro to ipad is NOT working.

I know you can syncing (via iCloud) your data (e.g. cue-points) and it will be available on all your devices running djay. I bought Djay Pro from the App Store.

I have the same iCloud account in both my ipad and macbook pro, however data is not sync. I already checked other forums, I have activated everything for allowing the sync but it doesn’t happen.

I need help please! I love this product but I’m very frustrated right now.

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Cue synching not working, despite everything perfectly set.

I have:

Yosemite 10.10.3 on 2012 13" MacBook Pro (i7, 16GB RAM), and iOS 8.3 on both iPhone 5s (64GB WiFi only) and iPad 4th Gen (32GB, WiFi only).

djay 2 on iOS devices, Djay 4.2.3 on Mac.

iCloud sync on all devices, same Apple ID as well. Djay explicitly enabled in iCloud settings to use iCloud Drive. No music DRM, all can load on all devices and djay apps. Songs synched using iTunes Match. All songs I’m working with are downloaded to iOS devices (they have to be for djay 2 for iOS).

YET, the cue points do not sync. Very frustrating, as they did when I first bought these apps, and the main reason for the iOS purchase was *because* they had cue point synching capability.

And no, I don’t need the capabilities of djay Pro, nor the desire to spend an extra $50 – which is the current 40% discounted rate from like $80. Plus the reviews for djay Pro are NOT good (why customers are giving it 5 stars and panning it is beyond me), so I’ll stick with stable, as would any working DJ.

(I’m certainly not DJing from the iOS devices, was really only for the cueing. I DO use the djay Remote app, which would be nice to format for iPad, not just iPhone…I mean, at least the resolution, right? And less chance of pressing wrong buttons on iPad than on iPhone. And it crashes more often than I’d like…but anyways).

Yes, this could be the problem. Try using it under one Apple ID and let us know if it still doesn’t work. 

By the way! I iuse one Apple ID for iCloud and a different Apple ID for Store purchases.

Might this be the problem?