SYNC function 4.0 update

I am a long time but pretty novice user. Still feel orig DJAY was the best in terms of perfect sync. Came close with version before this latest (4.0.2) Sync function not as accurate or as precise…using Mac Pro 10.14.6. Songs that used to sync perfectly (after pressing sync a few times) never truly sync like they used to. Beats are off…
Again, I am a novice user. Thanks for reading / responding.

Hi @Roger_Campbell,

Thanks for sharing your experience with the Sync behavior in djay. It would be really helpful if you could please record a video of the issue occurring and drop it here so that our team can take a closer look into this. Just let me know when you’ve done so, and then I can further troubleshoot this with you.

Could you also tell me if you only notice this with certain tracks? Or do you notice it with all tracks? If only certain tracks, could you share some examples so that our team can try to reproduce the problem?

Thanks in advance for the additional information!

Thank you for the reply! I have already done that with earlier versions and never heard back. Since no one else added to this thread it is not a priority or no one else is having this issue.
I will just adjust accordingly…
Thanks again!

Hey @Roger_Campbell,

Thanks for getting back to me. This is actually some feedback we’ve heard recently from other users, so if you’re willing to share more, we’d appreciate it so our team can look into this. If you’ve already shared videos or files previously, it would be great to locate those in our system so you don’t have to do the work again to send them over. Unfortunately, posts here on our Community do not link with other Support channels on our end. Could you please send me a Direct Message here on the Community with more details on how I might locate anything you’ve sent to us previously?

If you don’t want to troubleshoot this further at this time, that’s of course also fine. No worries at all. Thanks!

I replied to the email notification and included a video. Did you get it? BTW…in my very humble opinion…the closest we got to perfect sync was the version right before this latest one. Feel like we took a step back in this release. Thank you!

Unfortunately, I didn’t receive anything. I’m not sure where your reply went to that included the video… did you drop the video file here? : Algoriddim File Share. Looking forward to your reply!

just uploaded video file…thank you!

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Thanks a lot, @Roger_Campbell! We’ve received your video and I’ve shared it with our Development Team for further review. We really appreciate your feedback! :pray:

Hi Roger,

Our team noticed in the video that our current beat detection was actually off initially for the track loaded on Deck 2 in your video (Sweet Caroline). Do you think you could share this song file with us so our team can look into why that is the case? If you’re willing to share the song file, please just drop it in the same file sharing link above where you dropped your video.

In the meantime, you can fix the beat grid by setting the “grid start” at the correct beat location using the waveform editing tools (i.e., click the pencil icon on the waveform). djay will then reanalyze the track using the corrected beatgrid, and the tracks should sync up as expected.

Let me know if that helps! Or if you have any other questions, please let me know.