SYNC functionality confusion

OK…so ive been using many different DJ software/hardware for years now, and Im trying to transition some of my mobile mixing by utilizing iPad and a Reloop Mixtour.

However, I am a little confused by the functionality of the SYNC option in the Djay Pro app. All I would like to do is have SYNC enabled so that WHEN I CHOOSE TO PLAY the track from the position I am at, the beat will be in sync with the song currently playing. This is pretty much how every software/hardware mixer Ive ever used has functioned.

In Djay Pro, it seems to function differently. Pressing SYNC when the track is stopped causes the track to automatically start playing. Pressing SYNC again turns syncing off but makes the song sort of lose position in the process. Pressing SYNC while the track is playing causes the song to jump to a position to get the tracks in line, but it is jumping abnormally further ahead/behind unlike most sync features Ive ever used. This is annoyingly causing me to never get the position of the track I am trying to mix in where I need it to be.

Unfortunately, using the tempo control on the ipad via touch is never accurate and the Mixtour offers no tempo controls to manually match beats. So im pretty much forced to use SYNC with this set up, which I have no problem with if it functioned the way I am used too.

Is there some options I am overlooking that buried somewhere to get the darn SYNC to function like most normal SYNC controls in DJ software / hardware? Thanks in advance.

I am having the same issues with the Sync button. DJ Pro 1 had this working perfectly, but when I updated my operating system, I meant I had to upgrade to DJ Pro 2. Now, there are a lot of glitches with this version. FIX IT!!