Sync issue

Hello all
If I use Sync (Macbook Pro 2014 model) at start of track it constantly jumps about 2 seconds. Is there a setting or something I’m missing? Songs are analyzed, controlled by Pioneer DDJ SX3. Thanks for any help. Cheers

Did you try using Djay without your DDJ?
Process of elimination?

Hey Kiwi, DDJ SSX 3. For Chad.
I just meant that sometimes software behaves different when Hardware is present. So if a problem occurs while connected to any hardware, Disconnecting hardware would help in solving a problem.

I just purchased the reloop beatpad 2 made for djpro and find automix syncs are always out and always have to readjust when deck auto changes

What’s DDJ

I previously used a traktor controller with no issues. That’s my process of elimination