Sync mode ‘BPM Only’ locks synced tracks together

I have updated to Djay Pro 5 and using an iPad Air 2020 and using DVS with an external mixer.

I noticed the sync behaviour is different, moving/touching the record on deck B affects the speed and playing of the track playing on deck A.

Steps to reproduce:

(note that the Sync Type activated is ‘BPM Only’ in the settings and I’m using DVS)

  1. Play a track in deck A
  2. Play a track in deck B using BPM sync
  3. slow down or speed up the track on deck B, touching the record or side of the platter
  4. deck A will be affected

I understand this is due to the tracks being ‘locked’ together using sync. But it makes sync unusable because you can’t correct a track that is slightly off.

In Djay 4.X you could just touch the record, or even use the classic pitch ride technique.

I expect ‘BPM Only’ only to sync the BPM, but it acts like ‘BPM and Beats’.

Using: iPad Air 2020, iOs 16.7.2, djay 5.0.1, DVS, external mixer


I think the whole purpose for this new Sync issue is that the beatgrids are just about perfect now and they wont need nudging.
I’ve tested it with alot of my disco tracks and it keeps it in sync all the way,
There has been a song or two that I have had to alter the beat grid by dropping anchors at various parts but once that has been done, the tracks sync perfectly

I agree that’s probably the cause behind it. But as great as the new beatgridding is, there will always be tracks that are slightly off and need manual adjusting. Keeping the tracks locked all the way means we can’t manipulate, touch or scratch a track while using sync without affecting the other track.

I understand what you’re saying, but sync does what it’s supposed to do. Syncing. :wink:

If you don’t want that, why not set the BPM and do it the old fashioned way? Or maybe start with sync and then turn it off?

The old 4.X way was perfect. I could just have the BPM synced but the BPMs and phase would not be locked. I could scratch, nudge and manipulate the record without it affecting the pitch and play of the other record playing.

There are two BPM options, “BPM Only” and “BPM and Beats”.

“BPM and Beats” syncs the BPM and locks the phase/beats of the track. To me it would be logical to have the phase locked together.

“BPM Only” used to only sync the BPM at the loading of the track.

In a practical example:
Track A is playing, I scratch a bit with track B and mix it in, but I was a bit late or fast in releasing the record.
The way to solve this is would be is slowing record B down a bit or speed it up. But with 5.x it affects the speed and sound of track A as well.

Maybe a ‘Master’ deck is a solution, as mentioned here by @ jimbobatzke

This could be the ‘oldest/longest’ track playing.

I don’t think so. It just didn’t use the phase info. I’m pretty sure it synced regardless. :thinking:

i’m pretty sure it just synced the BPM when loading the track. Slowing or speeding the a record didn’t affect the speed or play of the other record.

I’m sure the current way works great for a lot of people, but I would like the dev team to look into a solution.

Maybe a seperate mode of syncing next to the current modes, like a ‘BPM sync at load’, that just syncs the BPM to the current speed of the playing track and leave the current track alone and not try to adapt to each change of the incoming track.

Just looked in the old manual. You are right sir!

But in that case can’t you just press sync once to set the BPM and press it again to turn it off?

@Mister_Tuur Thanks for thinking along with me. I have tried it, but if you turn off sync for a deck in BPM Only it defaults back to the original tempo.

@Kikeon here’s a detailed article on how the Sync function works with djay Pro for iOS. I have also forwarded this to the engineering team to see if any changes were made to this in 5.0. Thanks.

EDIT: Looking at that article, I noticed there used to be a switch to Turn off on pause, scratch, or cue jump. It seems this is no longer present in 5.0 so this could be your issue.

For me it doesn’t. I hit sync, the BPM gets set to the other track. I disable sync, it stays at the set BPM.

This ‘turn off on pause, scratch, or cue jump’ feature is still present in Djay 5, but only present when you select ‘BPM and Beats’.

I my case I use ‘BPM Only’, then the feature is not present (same in 4 and 5)

The thing that changed is that the sync feature now locks the two tracks tightly together. So tight that a nudge on track 1 affects play on track 2. So if they are slightly out of (beat)-sync you can not correct it.

Are you using BPM only, or BPM and Beats sync mode? Also are you using DVS?
I think either of these things may be the reason it reacts different in my setup.

Okay, thanks for the additional information. It’s marked as solved because it has been reported to engineering. There isn’t much more I can do here. You can also submit an official support ticket through the app.


ok noted, thanks for passing it on to the team! I also submitted a support ticket trough the app.
I think for clarity it should not be marked ‘Solved’ as someone else might run into the same problem and then figure it’s actually solved while it actually isn’t.

Yup. When set at [BPM] it works as you say.

Thanks for checking!

You might want to add the suggestion that they implement an option for ‘average track tempo’ or at least an average for ‘x’ bars.

Since the BPMs are updated continuously now you don’t want your other deck to be set to a tempo snapshot that just happened to be a spike up or downwards. The BPM can be all over the place really (fluctuations even pop up for modern tracks that are 100% quantized) and it’ll end up being a random lottery if you’re unlucky.

I noticed that Unreliable and therefore, unusable!