Master Deck for Sync - DJay Pro 5.x

I’d like to recommend a master deck function for sync that automatically selects the currently playing deck (ideally the one that does not have the new track loaded into it) as the master deck. Currently, it’s either hard sync, which locks both decks and therefore changes speed for both decks when adjusting speed on one of them. Or, depending on the behaviour selected in preferences, it disables sync completely when adjusting tempo on one deck. This is quite annoying when trying to nudge the tracks with the jog wheels or dvs records.

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I feel this is related/similar to my observation of sync behaviour in 5.

I preferred the way it was in 4, you could nudge a track or even ride the pitch.

Are you using DVS as well, or a controller?

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Yeah, sounds like the same behaviour. I primarily use DVS, but I also have a DJ2GO2 Touch (usually for browsing and cue points), and the jogs behave in the same way. Using the MacOS version though.

Master deck or master clock. This way you’ll basically get Ableton Live on the fly.

I like how it is right now, because it respects the original groove of a track, but I hear you.

For syncing with external sources it’s probably easier too.

@jimbobatzke thanks for the suggestions. I’m pretty sure something similar to this has been suggested before. I too would like to be able to manually select the Master Deck in certain scenarios. I have forwarded this to the dev team for consideration. Thanks again!

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