Sync Not Properly Matching BPMs Tracks Out of Tempo

Why is it that when I press sync once to match the tempos of two tracks, one of the tracks doesn’t stay in tempo even after I adjust it manually? For example, I time the second track perfectly, slightly ajust tempo using my platters, but once I let the tracks ride out together, one of them will start getting off tempo and then end up an entire beat off.

I understand that because I’m scratching into one song, I have to make an initial adjustment to the tempo manually, but even after I do, one of the tracks goes out of sync with the other very quickly. It’s almost as if sync isn’t properly matching their BPM. Anyone else have this problem?

For clarification, it works fine when the blue sync option or “perfect sync” is available, but I just want to use the button to match the BPMs and then mix the tracks by adjusting the tempo on the platters (which I am doing, but I have to do it throughout the entire time I’m playing two tracks and it really shouldn’t be off by an entire beat after I make the proper adjustments)

Any help/suggestions would be really appreciated; this is very frustrating!

Hi there,

could you give us exemplary tracks where you are experiencing this?
Are playing both tracks for their full duration?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.