Why can’t there be a setting to have sync on by default? Everytime you load a song you have to press sync. After a 4 hour set this is extremely tedious. Also why do the songs keep’popping out of sync’ when hitting /juggling cue points? Traktor dj is the bench mark to check this against. It’s sync never turns off accidently. You can hit the cue points all day and there’s no drifting or unsyncing Traktor dj actually has a quantise setting too - 1/4 1/2 1 beat 1Bar. This works very well and eliminates poor syncing. This needs to be sorted out and improved for djay pro.

+1 for full time sync & key as this would be great for multiple deck and layering and helpful as the anchor DJ with the long multi-hour sets.

+1 for saving loops too!

Although as an “old school” DJ who has no problem with manual beat matching, I have to give Algoriddim props for better beat detection compared to Traktor, especially when it comes to older songs with a human drummer.

I mean a setting to have it on or off would be nice. As Jason George said, I don’t think they’ve worked it out yet.

How come I don’t get an automated reply from algorithm?

Your invited to see me work in the UK 5 nights a week / oxford. A working dj for 15 years. Passion turned into job and living. Student town. Crazy student nights . I’m quite happy not lugging round technics in flight cases. Or 4 record bags of vinyl like i did for many years. This isn’t the app I use as it’s not quite right, but the future is all about change. But your welcome to see everyone having a great time in oxford…
My over 10000 records sat at home chilling now whilst I carry on making a living.

My puppy enjoying my vinyl haha- chilling :slight_smile: whilst I go “to sync -or not to sync” …but earning a dj living and paying tax etc etc

I would not prefer sync on by default. I can understand that its nice, when you only mix 128 bpm tracks, but personaly, my tracks are from 80 bpm to 160 bpm, and default sinc would realy mess things up.
As a setting, fine. Default, nope

And you call yourself a dj? Lmaooooo f sync you’re not the dj your app is

+1 for sync on by default. As having digital software that is so aimed at dj’s who like sync but have to keep pressing sync after scratching or loading a new song is just not great at all. Doesn’t give you great confidence in what your doing. So either Algoriddim don’t want to do it or can’t.

Think they see djay 2 and pro aimed at old skool dj’s and scratch dj’s who don’t use sync. I’m with you though would be nice to have an option in the settings to set as default. And why the software can’t save loops is beyond me. That functionality has been around since the sd cards in the cdjs.

@ Aaron try telling that to Richie Hawton or Carl Cox