Sync problems, master woes

hi guys,

i’m experiencing sync issues. I’m using cdj’s in HID mode to play djay and i’s lovely but there is something bugging and i’ll try to explain.

I have ableton linked but it also happens without links

When I play I go in and out of sync mode a lot because I beatmatch by ear and sometimes stuff isn’t perfectly aligned whih is fine. I tweak a lot when i play. I also like to move the BPM of the tracks i’m playing faster or slower to think ahead to where i’m going with the BPM…so for instance I could be playing 80 BPM stuff but wanna transition into 150 BPM stuff, so I know I have to go down to 75 BPM gradually the news few tracks, so I can make that 150 jump.

Now in sync mode locked everything is fine but…when I turn off SYNC mode of the track that’s playing to adjust the BPM…I want to tell djay that the playing deck’s BPM is the new master sync. I press master on the deck. (i can’t find an indicator on screen telling me which is the master exept maybe a hard to tell one: if the 4 beats center screen on top match what i’m playing but it’s difficult) Now I would expect the playing deck to be the master. But when i press SYNC on that deck, the BPM returns to where it was when I removed SYNC (on that same deck!) to do adjustments.

this really is very problematic in sets. I go in and out of sync a lot (by choice) and ideally I want to be able to jump back in SYNC mode but without there being little glitches or big BPM jumps. With Ableton and all connected programs following.

When i play with regular pioneer mode, the master takeovers are very smooth and unproblematic. Please copy the CDJ behaviour for SYNC and MASTER buttons

  • make a master indicator somewhere on screen
  • make the CDJ master button light up accordingly to which deck is the master.
  • make it so that wherever you press master on the CDJ, when you press SYNC on that deck, it turns on smoothly to the current BPM + that deck is now sending the master SYNC information to all other devices on ableton LINK.

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