Sync problems when using two laptops on Reloop 8

We used this set up for the first time the other evening - with both laptops in 4 deck mode, one on 3 and 4 and the other on 1 and 2.

This works fine but I had endless problems with syncing.

Nothing seemed to work properly - when i pressed the sync on a track, the speed would often change to a random figure, the sync light wouldn’t turn on and so on.

I just couldn’t figure out what was going on - could someone explain how this works?

@Tony123 here’s an article explaining how the Sync function works in djay. Please note that this will not Sync across the 2 different laptops. You will only be able to Sync the tracks on each laptop individually.

I explain more how the Master Tempo works in this thread:

If you want to keep the songs across both laptops synced you will need to use the Ableton Link feature in djay on both laptops.

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This is so helpful, thank you. I will have a good dig through all this.

Where we were playing had no Wi-Fi but I now can see that we can use Ethernet to get ableton link going.


@Tony123 you’re welcome. Happy to help. If you’re using Macs, I believe you can also create a device to device wireless network connection without wifi.

@Tony123 I also talk more about Ableton link in another thread.

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