Sync problems

I’m using algoriddim with numark idj pro and up until now all was fine, however…my first problem was that the bpm’s of songs randomly changed i.e. 128 suddenly became say 96, but I can manage to work around this as it was relatively isolated, but now songs are falling out of sync!!! This is unworkable… I generally aim to mix between two songs for about 1 min to 1 1/2 mins but after 10 - 20 secs one song falls out of sync. At the beginning of a mix they are synced exactly the same and beats perfectly aligned but they soon drift apart! Even more, it is occurring on songs that I have previously mixed and know mix well together. This problem is not isolated and appears to be spreading / getting worse, to the point it seems as though every 3rd or 4th mix is running adrift!!! To be frank it is making a farce of the whole purpose of mixing. Please can I get some advice / help / guidance on this matter.


Sorry to hear that. When did this start to happen? Did you change anything in the settings?

What kind of songs are you using?

i’ve noticed that as well…also i’ve noticed when the BMP analyzer is set to normal you get a BPM…but then when you turn on to analyze the BMP more precisely the BPM changes and the time it takes to analyze is slower than the other method…my question is, how can i get my whole music library’s BPM to me more precise without having to auto mix my whole library? is there a much faster and easier way? i have about 2500 songs so it takes a long time.


so basically what’s the fastest and most precise way to analyze the BPM’s of my music library with 2500 songs?


Thank you both for your comments. The changing bpms has been happening for a couple of months and at that time nothing was altered. I tried to download the song again and it reverted to the incorrect bpm. I also downloaded it from another source and no luck. However the main problem of songs falling out of sync is more recent (and more frustrating!). I made a recording about two weeks ago and when I went to transfer the recording to my laptop for further transfer to USB stick the iPad and laptop started to sync via iTunes and the end result was that the iPad music was completely wiped!!! I spoke with apple technical advise who recommended that the laptop should be the primary source to store music and the iPad secondary. Fortunately all music was retrieved from the laptop and reinstalled on the iPad. I have now been regularly syncing the laptop and ipad with varying success. Further still last night I purchased two new songs via the laptop transferred them to the iPad and tonight I have played then in the idj pro and…they fell out of sync within ten seconds !!! Further help urgently required please.

Hello warren, can you or anyone from algoriddim help to resolve this problem, or at least let me know that there is someone looking in to it.

All downloaded from iTunes and range from approx 127 - 130bpm and a mixture of songs as singles and from albums. I played three mixes tonight, two of which fell out of sync (my wife also noticed this and she is not very musical!).

Warren, Please could you update me with progress. Is it a fault that is rectifiable or is it a common fault that has yet to be resolved? If it is the latter then perhaps we should be looking at other ways to reach a satisfactory conclusion? I look forward to hearing from you.

Yet again I have attempted to use algoriddim with my idj pro and at the first mix it has lost sync! I have also yet to receive any vaguely encouraging response from algoriddim that this issue is resolvable and therefore ask algoriddim to reimburse me the money I have clearly wasted on the idj pro. I would also highlight that in the spirit of goodwill I shall not be seeking compensation. I await your further communication by return.