Sync Troubles with Wifi ON - iCloud backup

I had sync troubles using the app on my iPad pro m2 128go :
Troubles recording sampler beat
Cue not syncing right
Vumeter troubles with lags

I finally found that when the wifi was ON the problems appeard, and instantly stop when turning the Wifi OFF.

2 vids to explain the troubles.

When the wifi is OFF , there is a very good answer when touching the screen and it turns bad when the wifi is On. I have 100go free on my ipad

Hi @stef971,

  1. What iOS version are you using?
  2. What djay Pro version are you using?
  3. Please perform a Forced Restart on your iPad and test again: Force restart iPad - Apple Support (CA)

Any other apps open in the background? Something that is jumping up when it sees WiFi and busying out the cpu?

@stef971 that was going to be my next suggestion. Make sure all other apps are closed and that there isn’t some kind of iCloud backup, automatic App update or something else intensive running in the background when connected to wifi.

iCloud was the guilty…thx guys , I Ve been searching for months…checking everything except the iCloud sync….and started to get upset by this pblm.

Thx !!!

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Perfect! Glad that helped @stef971. Thanks for letting us know.

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