SYNC turns off suddenly!

I noticed the same issue in Djay Pro. Numark usb controller. does not seem to matter if song has stable BPM or GAP band drift rhythm. this used to be solid.
now the sync light just goes out & when you engage the button, song skips back to catch up which I do not recall previously

Same problem here, just bought the software.

Am using pc version and here same. But tbh its not your software causes this issue but it’s the mp3. Some songs is not recorded right so the software has problems with syncing it. I tried the same song on recordbox dj and there is the same problem on the most same mp3s. Some of them works and some of them same. What i think is a major disappointment is that you need to hit sync 2 times before it syncs with the running song. I like to see an option in settings that its always syncing to the beat grid. Thnx