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Is it possible to sync other apps with the clock from djpro ? I see some midi tools and my other apps are showing up in the list but nothing seems to work together.

@DJ_Gene Ableton Link will do this. Here’s a support article showing you how to use it.

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I should have been more clear. I’m using the iOS version and did not see this option. Did I miss it?

@DJ_Gene it works on MacOS and iOS. On iOS, it’s right in the main Settings menu.

UGH! How did I miss that one!!! Thank you very much.

OK, not that I have this turned on I can connect to other apps which is great! Any chance I missed another button on how to pick which app is the master clock?

If I don’t have a second song in the deck and just a single song loaded, then I press the sync button on that deck it pulls in the time of the other app. What I would like is for the other app to sync with djay pro.

This might be something I need to find on the second app and I’ll keep looking.

Thank you again for all your help!

@DJ_Gene you’re welcome. In my experimenting with Ableton Link, the application where you turn it On first becomes the Master clock and the one that joins second is the Slave. If you need to switch it around, simply turn it Off on both devices and start with the other first.

This is factually correct (as in, if you do this, it will work as you described) but the way Ableton Link works, officially, is this:

  1. The initial tempo of the Live Session is determined by the device that has been in the session “longer than others” to quote official Ableton docs. So naturally the first device to join the Session, sets the tempo. If that device at some point leaves and re-connects, it will assume whatever the current tempo of the Session is.

  2. Any device that makes a change to its tempo sends this tempo to all other devices as an effective Master and all other devices accept this tempo as effective Slaves. Any of the devices can do that to others at any point.

E.g. if you have Ableton, SoundSwitch, and DJay running in the same session, and you set the tempo in Ableton to 130, both SS and DJay will jump to 130. Then if you set the tempo in SS to 120, both Ableton and DJay will jump to 120. If you move the tempo slider in DJay from 120 to 90 bpm gradually, both Ableton and SS will follow down to 90 gradually.

Hope this helps.

P.S. The way DJAY sends tempo information into session is fudged up, I will post about this in detail in another thread.

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