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The synch function is not working properly with American Hip Hop & R&B like it use to. These song use to blend well, but now it’s a problem. Compared to rivals Djay has a long way to go when it comes to strong synching. Still love the software.

Very Respectfully

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One thing you might try is to edit the beat grid to make them tighter…
I’m finding the same issue as well and editing the beat grids seems to fix it 99% of the time…

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“edit the beat grid”
How do you do that?

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I have attached a few pics to show the issue and how to correct it…

In the first pic you will notice that the Downbeat as analysed by DJ is slightly off…This is shown by the misaligned Red and Yellow lines…

In order to fix this you need to;
Click on the ‘Pencil’ icon,
Select ‘Grid’
Shift the grid position either left or right (depending on which way it is out) until the Red and Yellow lines align…
Click on ‘Apply’ and you are all set to go…

This will make your Syncs much tighter and bang on.
The only time this doesn’t work is if you are using track with live drummers or at an extreme, trying to adjust the Beat Grid on a track that was ripped from Vinyl and the turntable used had a slightly fluctuating BPM if that makes any sense…

I’m finding that I need to do this on almost every track of late, which although may be a slight pain, I am grateful however that it can be done…
Strangely this was never the case with the old Djay 2 app, the beat grid was almost always spot on…

Hope this helps…

Thank for your help! I appreciate it.

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Hi @E_Flem,

@maurizio_T’s advice is good. :+1:

I also would like to point out that we are aware of this and are currently working on a solution for it. We kindly ask for your patience while we do so. Thanks for your understanding.

I’ll personally let you know as soon as this changes in djay.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Cheers, G

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can you make the beat grid editable in different sections of the track so that if it not read correctly because of live drums it can be set properly

Hi @Juan_Perez,

There’s a thread about precisely that here:

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