Syncing and beatmatching the same song on 2 decks

Lets say you load the same song at two decks because you want to add the catchy beat loop from the beginning of the song to the actual playing song at the end again.
Right now if you load the same song at two decks and press the sync button, the 2nd song:
a) beat matches to its already playing copy (which is expected)
b) jumps to the actual playing position (not expected)
c) starts playing immediately (not expected)

Expected behaviour:
a) first press of sync beat matches with the actual playing song, although it’s the same song (default)
b) 2nd press plays in sync as usual from current position/cuepoint

Update: it is the same behaviour for djay pro (mac) and djay2 (android).

Is this a flaw or a feature? I would be happy to see this changed.

Thanks and cheers, rokr

This behavior is expected. We implemented this feature for beat joggling, which is very helpful for scratching DJs. Hope you can get along with it, Ronald.

Your described scenario will work. To reproduce the described behaviour you will have to install the software and try it by yourself.

cheers, Ronald

I’m not into scratching but i like to reassemble parts of a track like described above.
Maybe this could be an optional setting in the future.

Thanks for your reply!
cheers, Ronald

Complete novice, zero vinyl or digital mixing experience whatsoever, not even installed but surely there is a way to set your marker and select the amount of beats/bars to hold as a loop and not have it playing? Was expecting this to be a basic feature of any digital mixing.