Syncing “My Library” between iPhone, iPad and Mac?

Is there a way to sync the new My Library playlist folders and playlists in DJay between iPhone, iPad and Mac? My Library is a huge improvement for managing the music collection, but it is pain to keep these folders and playlists up to date on three different platforms manually. Is there a collection file that I can copy and paste between the three platforms so that I don’t have to update all of the playlists manually? We can already do this with midi mappings so it would be great to do this with My Library. Thanks.

This is definitely a killing feature we all miss from Djay.
Perhaps Algoriddim people can give us a status about this? ongoing? impossible? too difficult ?

we’re talking about the “internal” playlist feature of Djay

are you sure ? i didn’t see this news anywhere…

Any plan to implement this feature? I have been a long time Djay Pro user on Mac, and I am considering subscribing to Djay Pro iOS. However, it has limited value for me without being able to sync all your Library info (including specially My Library playlists & folders). 

Apparently delivered in 2.1

Um… not sure what this feed means, but I have been doing this for years via iTunes. Including Mac Catalina (iTunes is in Finder).
itunes will display your playlists.
you have to DRAG those playlists to the devices…

Got it.
Well there’s a solution

No especially with the new Apple updates on Mac

Hi Slak,

Thank you for getting in touch.

This is a request on our user request list and I pushed the topic internally. 

Lukas E.

Come on push it