Syncing Start/End Cue Points

Love the new update and appreciate the start/end cue points for Automix. Everything works great on one device. But across devices, I have an odd problem.

Though I’m set up for iCloud syncing – and even though the status messages indicate that all is OK – my start/end cue points don’t seem to be syncing between my iPad, iPhone and Mac versions of djay.

Shouldn’t these start/end cue points be synced across all uses? (In other words, shouldn’t I be able to work on my iPad and have the start/end cue points show up for those songs on my iPhone or Mac?)


– Robert

A couple of things:

  • We had a brief issue after the djay iOS version 3.1 release where the new Automix start/end points were not syncing via iCloud for about 2 days. This has been resolved and syncing Automix start/end points should now be working, although you might have to clear and re-set any existing start/end points created during the outage.

  • The Automix start/end points are new metadata fields, and are currently only fully supported in djay for iOS. The new Automix start/end points are independent of the traditional CUE point, whereas in djay Pro for Mac the start point was used both for Automix and as CUE point.

  • Existing start/end points from the Mac version will be used as Automix start/end points if both start and end point are set.

  • When setting Automix start/end points in djay for iOS, only the Automix end point will be synced to the Mac. In order to sync the Automix start point please set the CUE point to the same position.

  • We plan to bring Automix start/end points to the Mac version in a future update.

I hope this helps clearing up the situation. Please let us know if you have any further issues using the Automix start/end points.

Yes…All cue points do cloud

I did notice exactly what you just pointed out and figured a fix will come soon. Thanks

I’m pretty sure that cue points are stored in your cache for the device youre using. I. Other words that info is stored locally on each device. Now I’m just guessing though

I’m pretty sure that cue points are stored in your cache for the device youre using. I. Other words that info is stored locally on each device. Now I’m just guessing though

Appreciate the reply, Justin. According to, though, “Cue points and other metadata generated while using djay on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone are automatically synced via iCloud.”

Perhaps that doesn’t include start and end cue points? Would be good to know that officially from Algoriddim directly. Would be a tough omission, though, as syncing would be extremely useful.

— Robert

And yet mine aren’t showing up from one device to the next. All settings seem right but clearly, something’s not working.

I really appreciate this very thorough answer, Anders. Thank you. I’ll experiment and let you know what I find.

I very much look forward to full support of Automix start/end points in the Mac version as this will unify the whole ecosystem nicely.

Again, thanks for the support.

– Robert

Can confirm, Anders, this is working great now. Appreciate the efforts and your reply.

Please consider supporting customizable end points. By that, I mean, it would great if we could control the mix type in an end point. Specifically, I’d love to be able to cut directly to the next song when the current one ends cold – in other words, without a fading or morphing mix out,.

Appreciate the consideration. Thanks for a great product.

– Robert.