Syphon support for video on Mac

Would be great if the video could export to a syphon feed so we can use with Mad Mapper or other Syphon enabled video players.

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This is a necessary feature!!! Syphon output for video of the newest Djay update.

Hi guys,

thank you very much for sharing this idea. Please like and up vote this post to push this feature request.

We are always thankful if you are sharing your ideas and improvements with us,
keep it up!

Lukas E.

Thanks Lukas!

Hope it gets in there!

Yep, only rating this as a 3 until it gets syphon, I’ll use it professionally if it added. Purchased both pro desktop and pro ipad versions. Please add syphon in and out


Use Qlab at work which is used for live and playbacked video effects to scale for LED Wall

Being able to live mix music videos would be brilliant!! Just awaiting syphon support!

Do you know when this will happen?

+1 !

It would be way much simple that what I have to do now.

I have to use Syphon virtual screen, select the resolution, enable Syphon server, select the right output in Djay, and then, select the right Syphon input in Arena, CoGe or Modul8.

So complicated !

Syphon support is mandatory for all “Pro” VJ apps

That’s really great idea and it makes djay Pro a part of the greatest VJing system in some VJ genres!