syphon support for video

hi guys,

please add Syphon support so we can send video from decks to other programs supporting syphon.

it would be cool to have it on all decks. and also the blended output it uses now… but would be cool to have it on deck level…


Hi @Vijay_Kanhai,

Thanks for posting to the community!

I will pass this along to the dev team for further consideration and update this thread when I hear back from them.

Looking forward to your next great suggestion!

Please build in Syphon support!
even Serato has it natively.

I want to use it to to able send video to videomapping software to really elevate my visuals. I seems easy to integrate.

By the way everybody, you could use Syphoner to get it to work

It’s not ideal because the program does not detect DJay in full screen mode but I did get it to send video to Resolume, which I used to videomap.