system requirements don't mention anything about amount of ram

Thinking about switching to djay but unsure about the system requirements. I cannot find the suggested amount of ram required to run the program. Can anyone tell me or does it not matter cause this is a magical apple software that can run with minimal amount of system memory?

  • 4GB is probably the minimum on macOS … with 8GB being normally recommended for any DJ software.
  • On iOS, djay Pro still runs on my old/decrepit 1st Gen iPad Air and that only has 1GB of RAM; (though the interface is pretty pokey).

Anything above that and you’re good to go.

Here’s the Compatibility info from the App Store:
Requires iOS 12.2 or later.

Requires iPadOS 12.2 or later.

iPod touch
Requires iOS 12.2 or later.

Requires macOS 10.14.4 or later.

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Was wondering if the new iPad with 3gb ram is enough but then again more is always better. Would be nice if there was some official feedback on this or even better add this information to the system requirements page.

are you coming from Windows?
Macs are generally spec’d out to run quite well in their basic config from the factory…but more RAM never really hurts, especially with more capable processors aimed at doing magical things like NeuralMix.
My rule of thumb is 1-2GB per processing core and I’ve yet to be let down by it. You might want more than that if you start getting into the video side in a big way, but then you’ll be more limited by the processor keeping everything moving. (I’ve not had opportunity to play with the new m2 stuff, because I’m still wrapping my head around how capable the m1 stuff is…and all the GPU cores with their cache memory, and CPUs with their caches…it all gets quite complex quite quickly)

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Coming from old mix track and virtual dj I have a good windows laptop. Bought a reloop mixon 8 I’m intrigued and like the idea of switching to djay using an ipad. Just can’t believe that amount of ram doesn’t matter.

I’m using a ipad 9th Gen with 256gb connected to a Rane One and it runs flawlessly,
My iPad 6th gen ran well too but the waveforms were a bit laggy at times especially if I used Neural mix, but it didn’t affect the sound.

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3GB is more than enough. iPads were designed on the Apple Silicon hardware (that eventually became the M1 powerhouse) so the significant speed advantages of the unified memory architecture has been there from the beginning. Any of the pre-M1 iPads from the last 2-3 generations (+ unified memory) will be fast enough to run djay Pro nicely.

Though as @maurizio_T noted, Neural Mix does need the most computing power and stresses older hardware the most.

The higher end iPad models (Air and Pro) have 2 important features to consider (vs. entry level models):

  1. faster USB transfer speeds, mostly useful if you need to reload your music library.
  2. faster Wifi tech which might be important if you’re using a streaming service.

But honestly, I’ve seen a lot of people DJ’ing with old entry level iPads without any glitches (myself included) - been using it since the original iPad (with the janky 30-pin connector).


I’m using a 2015 iPad Air 2 with no issues whatsoever Using an old Pioneer console the DDJ WeGo first version, together with an external SSD hard drive


Hi @svenigma,

Welcome to the Community and thanks for your interest in djay! Thanks also to everyone else on this thread for sharing their own real-world experience using djay with various devices. I’m sure this has all been very useful for @svenigma to already get an idea of how to move forward. :raised_hands:

Just to add, in our full user manual for djay, we have some basic guidelines for system requirements. Here is that section from our manual for iPad:

You can run djay Pro AI for iOS on any iPhone or iPad running iOS 12.2 or later. The
minimum install size for the software is around 100 MB, plus any space for any music, videos,
and loop and sample packs.

TIP: Make sure you have space on your device for all your music and any other media
such as official packs!

As we strive to make djay as accessible as possible for beginners and professionals alike, the answer to your question depends in large part on individual variables, such as how you plan to use djay. Let us know if you have any other specific questions we can help to answer. :notes:

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Thank you all for the responses and information it is appreciated. Sounds like almost any new iPad will work but I’m still a little confused.

If i want to use djay pro to its full potential what is recommended? I’m used to being able to look up what minimum specifications and recommend specifications are for a given software. I find it unbelievable thatfor magical Apple gear it doesn’t matter. But then magical gear is kind of unbelievable isn’t it?

It’s pretty simple - buy the newest apple device you can afford from near the top of list of supported apple products, add a bit of RAM and/or bigger/faster drive/memory where possible, and ride it like it’s stolen til you need to upgrade.