System Requirements for Djay Pro

Can I run Djay Pro on OSX 10.7?

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I’m running DJAY 4.2.2 and am thinking of upgrading my Mac to El Cap. I can see that Djay Pro is compatible but what about the version I’m running?

It CLEARLY says that it is compatible with 10.9 or later. What don’t you understand?

Having been with this software for about 3+ YEARS, I can tell you that the software is ONLY compatible with 10.9 and above.

How else would you like me to prove it to you?

Why would you not upgrade to 10.10?

Then, you know it works.

djay Pro definitely requires Mac OS X 10.9 or higher. It won’t be working out on Mac OS X 10.7.

You can check out djay 4 though, an older software of ours. It will be compatible with your Mac. Get it here:

djay Pro is compatible with El Capitan, as well.

Good morning to all of you on the forum. I’m new here on the forum. I have some questions to Mr. djmagicmoments.
Forgive me for troubling you . I need advice from a competent person.Ho saw that she and ’ very experienced regarding the Djay Pro Algoriddim . I am a 50-year Italian DJ and ’ sound even with vinyl records in various festivals and marriage . Fortunately for me ’ and there ’ still people who like to see the DJ mixing vinyl records on turntables . I am also well paid for luck . I ask this ! Software Pro Algoriddim Djay and ’ reliable ? I would install on my Macbook Pro 2011 I5 processor and 8GB RAM. Operating system installed OSX Yosemite 10.10.5 Which controller do you recommend for this program ? I bought a few weeks ago ’ Traktor Pro 2 of Ni will ’ that are old but ’ not just digest . I apologize for the mistakes but ’ unfortunately I speak little English. Thank you in advance for all your reply.

Good evening. Updating to OS X El Capitan can meet problems of incompatibility ?

Thanks to the quick response Adrian . Saturday night I decided to use it to make us a whole evening in front of hundreds of people . Hope for the best.

But will it work on OSX 10.7? was my question.

Lots of software state they are only compatible with specific versions because that is only what its being tested with. It doesn’t mean it isn’t compatible with previous version so i’m simply asking someone who KNOWS, not someone who can state the obvious. Please take your magic moments elsewhere.

try running it on 10.7?..Ha. I’ll take your word for it magic man.

Because I have a dinosaur Macbook.

use DJay 4 if you are running older OSX platforms