System set up in what order

Hi. I’m a noob.
What is the best way to start and connect your hardware to the software and in what order.
Do I turn on my external mixer then speakers then sub then connect to my MacBook with the Dj app open .
Or doesn’t it matter.

Please provide some information on the equipment you’re using.

What mixer? What speakers? What sub? Makes and models.

2 A&H K2s
Makie cbt 8
Makie cbt 3
Makie cbt 8 sub
MacBook Pro
Evermix 4 into iPad Pro
Dj pro 5.1

No such thing as Mackie CBT. I’ll assume you mean CR8-XBT, CR8S-XBT etc.

The recommended order when turning on is source → destination, so laptop first, mixer second, speakers last. Turning off is in the reverse order.

Basically you don’t want power clicks & thumps getting to the speakers, so they’re on last/off first.

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So have the multiport usb connected to the Mac and app running then turn on/off in the order you’ve recommended.

Hi @Daveworzel, please also refer to the attached FAQ regarding connecting an external mixer to djay for macOS. Also, thanks to @PKtheDJ for the info regarding the connection sequence to the sound system. Spot on!