"Tap" to beat has a big downside.

The BPM beat lines are correct when day pro has determined the beat and if you have to halve or double the beat they still line up fine. However, if you “tap the beat” the lines do not line up with the correct beat. This makes it very difficult to sync beat on 2 tracks because one of them is indicating a different BPM (the beat lines) relative to the numerical BPM value.

What should happen is that if the generated BPM is 100 but is actually 70 and you tap to 70 then the beat lines on the graph interface should now also be 70, not 100.

Actually, I have refreshed the Library (I think that’s what you mean) and there isn’t a change in the grid. I’ve also quit and re-opened the app which does the same thing: no change in the grid.

The issue brings up another problem. If I want to mark the wrong grid tracks somehow so I have to go back to iTunes, search for the track, and put some indicator in the title or grouping or some other field. How come I can’t right click on the track in djay pro and have it show me the track in iTunes? Showing me the track in Finder doesn’t do me much good. Alternatively how about the ability to create an on-the-fly playlist within djay?

I think refreshing the song after tapping may cause the new beatgrid to appear, but we really need the manual beatgrid adjustment features found in all other pro DJ software.