Tempo and playlist sync between iOS / Mac devices running djay

I have been using djay to mix in a single iOS device (iPad) and last weekend I did it using two iPads + mixer, which is great for cue, EQ, real stereo image, etc. and looks awesome!

Now the only things I missed were being able to sync tempo on both devices easily or automatically. This could be managed by searching for djay devices on the same Wi-Fi (ie. using Bonjour) or bluetooth network, or at least entering BPM tempo number manually, because sometimes it was very hard to get a specific tempo (ie. 128.0) quickly.

The other feature I missed was checking played tracks on both devices playlists as well (or three or more), to avoid double checking.

I’m sure adding those will make djay even better.

Yes…integration between both ios devices…via Bluetooth or local WiFi network…to control the main sound mixing output via iPod or iPhone device…“In the field”!! “It would be nice to site at a table with the bride or groom and select a song in front of them…Without going back to the ipad…”???