Tempo/BPM/pitch slider not tracking in new FW on Rane One

Love the new FW, especially the FX paddles and 2nd level menus. However, the BPM slider is not catching well anymore. I have to go to an extreme, like ALL the way up or down, for it to catch and that is noticeable and sounds bad.

It does this in both synced and unsynced modes.

Thanks, Loren

Hey @lorenmiller,

I believe this is the solution for your problem:

Hope I could help. Let me know how it goes:)

Cheers, G

I can’t actually get the ghost faders to appear anymore? I’ve tried it with pickup on and off

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Same here, ghost faders have disappeared and Pick Up mode doesn’t change anything

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Whatever you guys patched it worked well this weekend! Thanks!

That’s great to hear! Let us know if you ever have another issue like this.

PS: Nothing really changed since the 3.1.6 update on August 17

Cheers, G

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