Tempo bump causes audio to cut out

Bumping tempo via jog wheels on Pioneer DDJ-SB2 causes audio to glitch and cut out.
I am using a DDJ-SB2 and have used DJ Pro 2 to DJ and VJ original music (all local! Nothing streamed!) simultaneously. At my last gig, DJ Pro 2 couldn’t differentiate the projector from my computer screen, so I couldn’t use any visuals, and the program is now stuck this way. There doesn’t appear a way to reset video preferences, so I updated DJ Pro AI. The video functions are working fine, but audio skips and cuts when I bump the jog wheels. It is to the point where it is absolutely unsuitable for performance or even practice. I have restarted the system, updated, tried different USB cables and adapters all with identical results.
Is there anywhere I can still access a fresh version of DJ Pro 2? The audio has always worked fine there. Until something is done about all the bugs with DJ Pro AI I am just not able to use it which is very sad. There does not appear to be any other programs that allow for the crossfading and mixing of music videos, so my only solution is to get DJ Pro 2 to work again. Is there a way to factory reset my DJ Pro 2?

This may seem obvious, but is it possible that your jog wheels are in a different mode since you switched to djay Pro AI? When you say you’re bumping the jog wheel on your DDJ-SB2, are you touching the top of the platter or the sides? I could be wrong, but it sounds like maybe you normally use your jog wheels in CDJ mode where you can pitch bend the track while touching the top of the platter or the sides. If however, your jog wheels are in Vinyl mode now without you knowing, touching the top of the platter will cause the track to stop which might make it seem like it’s cutting out or glitching. Try playing around with the Vinyl settings on your DDJ-SB2 to see if that helps.

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Hi @hostillis,

To add to @Slak_Jaw’s suggestion about your controller, I’d also just like to note that djay Pro 2 for Mac is no longer available for purchase on the App Store and is no longer being updated. This is now one of our legacy apps, with limited support available. If you’ve previously purchased this app, you can continue to download it in the “Purchased” section of your App Store account. But please note that this app is no longer updated with bug fixes or feature updates.

You mentioned the following:

Could you please share more about what bugs you’re referring to exactly? Thanks!

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