Tempo changing while song playing

Is it just me or do songs change in tempo while the song is playing? Noticed it after the last update.

Anyone else?

That’s precisely what I was trying to say but couldn’t quite put it so ellequently.

Agreed, noticed those issues. Waiting on a fix

I experienced similar things.
While mixing, the next song was way much faster or slower for a couple of seconds, after the previous song ended.

Ipad air, newest ios, newes djay.

This is not the same case. Sync is on for a long time. Track 1 is playing , track 2 is synced and in loop for at least 30 seconds.
So it is not off beat. Whrn track 1 ends, the tempo of track 2 changes to half/double for a couple of seconds.

Yes, I am using only the line faders. And it happens when the line fader hits the top position I guess.

But I’m not sure about my last statement. I am using a Reloop Beatpad. And I caused me some very akward moments, because It happened in the club 3 times during the night :slight_smile:

It happened again yesterday night during my set. Very annoying.
Some additional info:
Now I’m sure that there is something screwd up with rhe sync. When a track ends with sync on, the other track speeds up a lot. Regardless the line faders.

And the pitch slider also behaves weird. It,s like it goes from 8% to 50% on the deck which is playing the next song. Also the zero point shifts to somewhere. If i move the pitch slider back to zero, the song slows down very much.

Another thing with sync. It is not that stable like before. I have to adjust very often however the sync is on. It was not that bad in the previous version.

Hey there,

if you are working with an active Sync, starting the next track slightly off beat will lead to speeding up/ slowing the track to get the two synced. This behaviour is expected.

Lukas E.


is it possible that you are only using the line faders to perform transitions?

Hey guys,

we are very sorry for this and are doing our best in order to find the root as fast as possible.

It would also be helpful if you can try to capture the problem via video and send the video to us via support@algoriddim.com.

Thank you in advance, we will keep you posted.

Cheers,Lukas E.

I’m having the same problem with tracks speeding up and occasionally slowing down. When I emailed Algoriddim my answer was are you sure your not using the line faders instead of the crossfaders. I’ve replied today explaining in more detail so hope the tech guys will look into it.
I’ve also told the guy I emailed to read the forum comments because we are all experiencing the same thing.
Last time they had an update problem it took about 10 days after complaining about it. I will keep all involved regarding the reply I get from them

Haven’t noticed that one

I noticed this in one song after releasing an 8-beat loop; the beginning of the first verse played ever-so-sightly faster for a second or two.

Same problem here, songs already in sync change tempo randomly also there’s a sluggish display of the soundwave since the last update of djay pro, i use an iPhone 6s so I think isn’t a processor issue, I also have djay 2 and the problem is not present there so it has to be app related, please a fix is needed