tempo return shift function

Should have a simple button to return deck slowly to actual song tempo… my last controller and software did this and it was a great way to keep my Hands free for other work… now I have to move the tempo slider into current tempo and then gradually pull back to center… this occupies my hand and focus for mot time than should be neccesary when all I want is the song to gradually return to original tempo… please add it as a shift function…my shift + pitch bend

Good idea, thanks for your feedback.

When it is on automix the pitch or tempo should never stay under 0% or over +4% after the fade is done. with the synq function thats easy to do when the dj is doing it.

Thanks warren… that would make my day… almost make up for having to buy a replacement ipad with built in SIM card and internet service to combat the sandboxing issue with spotify and d jay… I had internet at my house so I didn’t realize it would be a problem till i got to the wedding … all of a sudden all of my music was unavailable to me… scary… hotel charged me 150 for internet line… sucks but ok… next month I have a wedding in the mountains… no internet connection available. Im praying between a tmobile ipad… and a verizon fone wi th hotspot ill be ok… praying

Bump… any progresses… will thia be on new update