Tempo settings persistence per song

Do you know how to save tempo settings per song? to not lose it when I switch the song?

Hi @Michal_Grzelak,

Welcome to the Community and thanks for posting your question. When changing the tempo settings using the Tempo slider as shown in your screenshot, these settings are meant to be used temporarily during a mix rather than saving those changes more permanently for a particular track.

Could you share a little more about how you’re using djay and how saving tempo settings for a song would help you?

Having a better understanding on our side would help us either to provide a possible workaround or to add a new feature request internally. Thanks in advance!

I use djay as an automatic mixer software. I prepare a playlist before the party and then just click play on automix. That’s why I want to set the tempo as a part of the playlist/track to not bother adjusting tempo during the party.

Thanks for sharing how you’d like to use it… that makes sense.

Have you tried changing the Automix settings for Tempo adjust? Perhaps changing this setting would achieve what you’re after? See below for where to find the settings: