Terrible sound

Hi Guys,

Over the past few months I have some terrible sounds using my rig, and last week I finally found out it was DJ for MAC. I got it almost fixed yet not very happy. It started a few months ago )maybe an upgrade (running 4.2.3) I always used the setting Auto gain, and USB out (Vestax VMC002). I thought it was the speakers, but then used the same songs on i-tunes and no problems. Via the USB to the Vestax gives in i-tunes a beter sound then the audio out on the MAC.

Then I changed DJ to main out, much better. turned of Auto gain, again better. Closed down i-tunes and all good. However still lower quality then the same song on itunes. Yet i can live with it (or rather, have to)

So, great program but quality issues. Is quality decrease a the price of the very decent price of the program?. I winder if i should upgrade to a more professional program since playing in a club… My audience has complained and I almost paid money to have an engineer checking my speakers

Can you please send a few sample songs to support(at)algoriddim.com for testing?

By the way, how would you describe the difference between the sound quality in djay vs iTunes?

Hi Warren, in my case it sounds like the speakers are broken, a kind of over steering. I sent you a song, but basically its with lots of songs

I’ve had a similar problem but with Djay for iPad. I know it’s the app and not my hardware… It sounds tinny , like bad mp3’s - nasty on the ears at high volume over a club sound system …

Will do tomorrow

Hi Dj-iBob Garewal,

i have the same problems like you. Do you have a solution? Thanks !
By Marco