Thank you so much Algoriddim..❤️

I have no words to express the gratitude and joy I feel to see the team’s commitment to solving problems. THANK YOU SO MUCH ALGORIDDIM!! The new 4.0.13 update was awesome and fixed the problems with Sync and Twelves Mk2, Sync between Decks and Sampler and some other small details… I was a little sad to have such an advanced Setup and it not be working perfectly in the APP that I love so much, but today when I updated to 4.0.13, tested and read the list of resolutions, the joy returned. Thank you so much Algoriddim!
I take advantage of the space to reinforce an idea that I mentioned a while ago, which is to bring to the main screen the option to activate the ABLETON LINK and who knows even allow the activation to be mapped via Midi. You are the best! :pray:t3::pray:t3::heart:


I am happy to hear that there should be no more problems with the RANE Twelves. Was affected by it myself and will test it extensively tonight. Algoriddim’s developer support is really great. So much more intuitive and faster than the competition in my opinion!


Question, do you need the Rane Twelve MK2’s with algoriddim or does it work in HID mode with the MK1’s?

The Mk2 are absolutely Plug and Play and I believe it’s not just Midi but HID. The answer is impressive! I’ve been collaborating with Algoriddim for a while, reporting all the details that could improve and this wonderful team has always done a wonderful job, leaving the Twelves sharp for the most demanding of performances. My setup today is totally dedicated to the Djay Pro Ai on an iPad Pro and consists of a pair of Twelve Mk2 and a DJM S11. Just plug and play!

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That’s super cool. Does algoriddim utilize the oled screens on the mk2?

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