The ability to 'lock' cue points

When using the iPad app, I often find myself unintentionally resetting a track’s cue points by accidentally hitting the ‘set’ button instead of the actual cue button.

A little ‘lock’ slider in the settings screen would really come in handy, so this doesn’t happen anymore. When locked, pressing the ‘set cue’ buttons will have no effect.

I agree, happens all the time to me as well…

I am thinking of this feature as a lock after the track has been prepped (beatgrid in order and cue points set). Simply would prevent accidental erasing of your work.

On a song by song basis. So when I load a locked track, I can’t accidentally erase a cue point. On the other hand when I load a track that is not prepped, I can edit it without going to global settings disabling the lock.

Bump, this is basic stuff that we shouldn’t have to ask for.

Yes, lock that cue point, that if hit it again on play, it return’s on cue point and pauses there, like on old denon cd players, keep this as an option that can be turned off

Would you imagine this feature lock by song? (some locked some not) or would it be a global setting?

SO to clarify the lock is on just that song or each song that you specify? SO when I load one of these locked songs it is protected unless i unlock it.
Are you imagining a setting in that prevents changes to any song loaded until I unlock the system wide setting.

That makes a lot of sense. if you have a lot of work into cues you do not want it to accidentally get clobbered.

But did you know you can do a command z and it will undo the previous actions. So if I accidentally change something I can start hitting command z to undo my last step(s) and get it back to the previous state.