The Daddy of ideas for Djay2 and Controller connections

Missing from Djay2 and required on the update are:

  1. Fader start, fader start on/off buttons for each deck, fader start cue points for each deck plus assignable fader start on/off buttons for controllers. (The fader start must be triggered by the cross fader ref to Pioneer gear for a good example) It will reduce some off the on screen button pressing.

  2. Once scanned BPM numbers allocated to tracks should be able to be updated back to your itunes library/master computer via the sync process.

  3. Djay needs to recognise iTunes sub-folders or playlist folders within folders. At the moment it doesn’t and just lumps all playlists within subfolders under the master folder together. Example I have a folder DANCE MUSIC and within the dance music folder I have folders labelled New Dance, Pre 90s Dance, 91 to 96 Dance, Jack House, Hacienda House Music and so on. With Djay2 as it currently stands all the playlists and tracks in theses folders are lumped together under the master DANCE MUSIC folder making it difficult to find things. Please change this ASAP.

  4. Using a Pioneer Ergo with Djay2 I noted that the master volume control from the controller doesn’t work and isn’t assigned.

  5. A search option would be good. ( if your looking for a track by name )

  6. A assignable or pre-mapped master select/search button for controllers.

  7. If someone from Algoriddim could give me some feedback on these issues/ideas.

Brian (Pro DJ and club DJ over 27 years now). Using DJay 2 with Apple iPad Mini.