THE DADDY OF IDEAS, Missing features that should be added ASAP.

Im on Djay 2 using Pioneer Weego, Ergo and Numark IDJ PRO.

  1. With in Djay 2 on all platforms you should be able to set and save all of your cue points along with the track so they can be recalled with one button press.

  2. If you have itunes playlists within folders the djay 2 software lumps all of the folders and tracks together. This software should be able to see all folders exactly the way itunes does. Example I have folders marked RnB, HipHop, Pop Music etc and within these folders I have different playlists. Just for an example within the Pop folder I have Best Pop Music 2011, Best Pop Music 2012, Best Pop Music 2013 but the Djay 2 software lumps them all together. Please sort this out.

  3. When using the Numark IDJpro I would like to re assign the hot cue buttons to do other fuctions such as trigger FX’s or noise effects. All of the effects and noise effect from the IPAD app should also be assignable to external triggers regardless of the platform being used.

  4. More skins and turntable display options should be available to the user.

  5. No sure if it already exists but the ability to search for a track using the IPAD keyboard or even better a bluetooth keyboard or even a keyboard from a mobile phone or device would be great.

  6. WHAT STILL NO FADER START, fader start on/off buttons for each deck, fader start cue points for each deck plus assignable fader start on/off buttons for controllers. (The fader start must be triggered by the cross fader ref to Pioneer gear for a good example) It will reduce some off the on screen and button pressing if the track auto load to a pre saved cue point.

Thanks for your feedback Brian.

By the way, I recommend posting each idea separately. Please search for similar ideas first, though, before creating a new one! :slight_smile: