The djay library list says some songs are DRM protected, but they are not.

Issue should not be marked as “Solved”. I bouth the iPad version and now support says I need a pc to go in there and rename .mpX to .mpY

Now I will have to buy a pc too!

I’m having the same problem but only on iPad, songs that are greyed out on iPad are not greyed out on iPhone and will play fine,all songs are on the iPad as they play in music no problem!

STILL NO FIX I have tried every single thing that’s been suggested …the songs work on my iPhone why not on iPad, I have replaced the iPad,restored music you name it I’ve done it, the songs are NOT drm and NOT album only

The songs are .m4a and not only album,although I do own the albums anyway, like I keep saying the songs all work in the djay app on my iPhone, I now have 50 songs that will not play on the iPad …thanks for your support warren but the solutions you propose do not solve the problem.

APP problem!!

I’m not using iTunes Match ,do I really need to list 50 songs? None of my music is protected as I have checked,and once again they all work on my iPhone …I’m not spending another £50 just to “see” if it works, they all worked before on the iPad , I just seem to be going around in circles now.

The songs ALL play on my iPad in music ,it’s Only in dj they do not play! I have deleted and re downloaded loaded the songs PLEASE FIX this.

They are not protected and have the correct file extension

Hello Warren,

I can confirm this on an iPad mini as well. The “Album Only” songs do not play.

I don’t know how to upload screenshots here, but I’ve added them to Dropbox:

iTunes Store:…

The songs are all m4a. I’m sure this will annoy a lot of people who’ll DJ a bit at their friends’ NYE dinner-parties.