The FX button

Has anyone else been djing a party with and iPad and the dance floor is pack dancing to a awesome song and then you go to add some echo effects to the song by touching the FX button and by mistake your finger touches the record graph and the song skips to that position? Yeap you get that look that a deer gives an oncoming vehicle with the headlights beaming on them from the dance floor. I think they should move the FX button to a different location or put a function on the app that protects the record graph from unintended touches. Other than that the app is awesome

Hi there,

thank you for your post.
It is difficult to add a feature to protect the waveform from unintended touches, what is unintended and what one forgets to turn of the feature if he wants to change the waveform via touch.

Regarding the position of the FX, try to use the Manual FX section in the tools, hitting the waveform accidentally is unlikely at that position.
Also you could try out an external controller, for using FX’s and other commands like Loops.

Lukas E.