The New 5.0.3 UI ( the Automix / Match area ) Is Not Well Designed

This suggestion relates to the New lower right hand area on macOS versions as it isn’t working / and means the search also doesn’t work…

A few things to unpick

so the old version had a clean split - so you can run your playlist / and have the match separately.

The new UI / interface is confused. you have an upper and lower bar - which in a busy show is annoying to switch through. also the sequence ---- tracks-Queue-match then history (which is on the left anyway? - and info - that isn’t necessary. ) so better to swap it back to QUEUE AND MATCH columns and not waste the area on redundant features…

Also the search playlist / search streamer function is redundant - and also wastes time when all you want to do is find a track.

In a busy show you want to Queue the tracks and play them. - not wander around 2/5 choices and wonder what is coming up next… it really takes the performance flow out of a show…

The other reason its important - a number of the clubs I play - require a more confident playlist as its pretty hectic and you cant wonder where tracks are and into what of the columns they are going - feed into the mix area above - 2 / 3/ 4 decks - whatever you are wanting there.

the new UI means its a bit random - and last night I also had the application on a macbook pro - losing the search areas anyway - so was overloading - and only showing videos…

Couldn’t agree more. The overall interface is a bit messy and unusual and so it can get pretty confusing during a show.

Also finding tracks can get confusion. Therefore I also placed a suggestion for introducing a playlist-bank.

So if you think that’s helpfull as well please help me out to vote on that suggestion:

Can’t you already do this? by adding them into playlists in “My Collection”?

what you cannot do - is have the MATCH to the right and upcoming playlist to Left - and drag new match tracks into the mix - now that is impossible?

the reason it’s important - is some genres - like Amapiano - it is nearly impossible to remember the spellings of songs and for me - who plays 6/7 times a week - finding new music - it really helps when you can drag new matches into the mix instantly. This is the main problem with the new interface

Was playing last night and realised - the biggest problem is you can’t
drag a match into a playlist live. This was the biggest strength of Djay Pro for
me… it really added to the mix / and actually using music algorithms for live performance and discovery simultaneously.

ok, got it now. Unfortunately I do not have a solution.