The next 3 upgrades + 1 for the DJs

Ive seen the upgrade ideas but imo there are 3 I would like to see -

1 - A set/lock switch for the RGB cue points - if you cue up every song ready its too easy to press the wrong button - This must be easy to programme

2 - A portrait mode for 1 deck full screen - Allows 2 iPads with a normal mixer & headphones - It works on the nonHD version - This is probably harder than it sounds but has to be important.

3 - If the Vinyl grooves could reflect the BPM/Sound on the spinning record that would be awesome - Hard to porgramme & not really necessary if no.1 is done.

Reply if u agree 123 - Yes Yes

I like your turning the iPad to get single deck display, like on the iPhone djay app.
I thought this would have been the case, but sadly it isn’t. They should be able to fix it easy.