The Next Beat by Tiesto / Windows

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  • Device model: Lenovo
  • Version of operating system: Win 11
  • Version of djay: Latest
  • Hardware/controllers used: The Next Beat by Tiesto

Your question:

The Next Beat by Tiesto is not recognized by Djay on Windows.

Why did you removed compatibility from your Windows OS list?

The controller is sold with a Djay licence and assures it is compatible with Djay through windows

Could you please find any solution

I don’t think anything has been removed. From what I can find online, the product is advertised so:
(quote) “Full compatibility with Algoriddim’s djay app on iOS and Mac”

On the web site there’s a Windows driver, but the software listed is Beatport DJ and VirtualDJ.

Thank you for your reply. Of course yes, I have asked to The Next Beat support before buying it, and I 've checked on Djay windows compatible list. See file attached please. Have a nice day.
nb djay

There are two models - LX1 and SX1. Which one do you have?

Only the LX1 mentions DJay as shown on your picture, and the site says DJay is not included with SX1.

[update] I just found this:

Is Djay available for Windows in combination with The Next Beat DJ Controller?

Not at this time. Djay is only for Mac iOS and OSX

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Thanks. Mine is the LX1, it contains the licence key for Djay pro, windows compatibility written on the product box, like on The Next Beat website, it’s a scam actually

It does work with Windows, they’re not telling lies. It’s just not for DJay (and the site makes that clear).

It’s a basic controller though, so it should be easy to map.

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Agree with you for the mapping, kind of you, but Djay do not detect at all the controller, no way

You are correct on Algoriddam website next beat isn’t listed with windows. Have you taken it up with the hardware manufacturer? Just to add do you have a iOS device to try?

Thanks. Yes, before buying the controller of course, I have contacted The Next Beat support, cause it was still listed on the Djay Windows list at this time, and the support answer was positive. No IOS to try.

Hope you can get sorted. Looks like though next beat isn’t supported with Djay for windows.

Here is list of controllers supported by djay pro with windows.

Did you install the Windows driver?

Where in DJay are you checking, to see if it’s detected?

I suggest checking to see if VirtualDJ detects it (free download).

Also, from the web site:

  • When the DJ controller is connected through USB, it is not recognized

Please check if you set the switch on the rear side to USB and the blue light is off.

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Thanks you’re right PK, I 've reinstalled for the third time the driver and it works

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Thank you for your kindness, nice of you

Maybe now is a good time to post a request for the controller to be supported in the Windows version (which should be easy as it’s mapped for other versions).

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Thanks a lot for the help and solution on this one @PKtheDJ! Really appreciate the helpful contributions.

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Thanks, well it seems to be mapped in a way, no pad FX for exemple for my taste, but each zones are dedicated

Hello, any idea maybe on a way to map djay instant FX and Neural stems to controller pads (Like Djuced or Serato)? Thank you

Hi @JustineB, both Instant FX and Neural Mix Mute/Solo are easily MIDI Mappable to spare performance pads. Just scroll through the available commands. For more information on MIDI Mapping in djay, please refer to the linked FAQ article.

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