The Next Beat by Tiesto

I’ve been thinking about buying a Pioneer DDJ Flx4, but today I saw a great deal at Aldi on The Next Best by Tiesto for 56% off.

Does anyone have experience with this controller and can you give your opinion or compare it with the Flx4?

Ultimately, the devices are very similar, and if you don’t explicitly want to use Pioneer devices, I think it’s always a good idea to look around, not just because of the price.
Personally, I don’t like the layout of the pitch faders on The Next Beat. The fact that the fader for the right deck is positioned to the right of the jog wheel is quite unusual. On the other hand, I like the performance pads, which are RGB illuminated, better than on the Flx4.
So it’s also a question of personal preference. All in all, I think you should give the controller a chance, especially if it’s on sale somewhere.

@tatu if you haven’t already, I recommend you check out some reputable reviews of both devices as well. Personally, I’m a fan of the reviews done by Phil at Digital DJ Tips and Mojaxx at Beatsource Tech/DJ City.

Thanks to both of you for your advice.

I have finally decided to buy the Pioneer FLX4, the offer from The Next Beat is very interesting but I think the FLX4 is a better investment.

I’ve been a good boy this year, I hope Santa saw that :slight_smile:

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