The operation couldn’t be completed. (OSStatus error -54.)

I get this error when loading a track onto a turntable… yet it plays fine through iTunes. Anyone else getting this - whats happening Algoriddim devs?

AIFF? Why would you use that?

I would start testing by converting an AIFF file to MP3 and see if you can see it.

But yet half of your files are in MP3 and half are in AIFF… I guess I don’t get it.

You want only half your files to sound better. And the type of file has nothing to do with loudness and distortion, just so you know. Look into your gain structure.

Perhaps it’s better sound but I assure you, no one in your audience can tell the difference between a 320kbs MP3 and an AIFF. Nor do they care.

So, if you want to spend more money and time to play in AIFF, go for it. Sounds like you have a great system, so what you are doing is certainly not wrong.

You have to gain EACH track, not gain your system. Tracks are recorded at different levels. Djay Pro should do this for you but it is far from perfect.

Hi there,

thank you for your post and we are sorry to hear that you are facing this problem.

Could you please send us an exemplary track file via

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Hi guys,

is it possible that you changed your iTunes library lately? Please select the correct library by press holding alt while opening iTunes to open the library selection window.

Lukas E.

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Hi iRWeasel,

thank you for your reply. As djmagicmoments said, converting an AIFF file to mp3 would be a good way to test out what could be the problem here.
Also can you send us one AIFF file which is being displayed greyed out in your library? You can do so via or via a wetransfer link.

Lukas E.

yep same here, don’t get it, tracks that played yesterday at home now won’t load with error -54, but they play in iTunes fine.

Need a solution as its impacting the usability of the s/w. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Tim


no, iTunes is as is. I actually checked the playlist in question a couple of days prior to my gig and all was fine. Got to the venue and suddenly of the 800 sings in the playlist, 50-60 are grey and give the -54 error, even though they play in iTunes.

I restarted, refreshed, rescanned the playlist al to no avail. All the tracks are either from Beatport, Traxsource, or CD and are AIFF quality.

This has been happening on and off for a while but it was just a few tracks, however now it seems to be getting worse.

rgds Tim

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I use AIFF because it sounds better than MP3, I can go louder without any distortion or clipping and this gives me an advantage over other DJ’s at a venue who generally get into the red quite quickly.


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Actually all my files are AIFF, I buy them from Beatport and/or Traxsource and pay a premium to do so. You are correct, in that there are some 320k tracks in my library and these are the recordings of my mixes both live and done at home.

To give you an idea, 1 minute of audio in AIFF uses 10MB of disk space, for a 320k MP3 it is 1MB for 1 minute of audio.

If you would like I can send you a track so you can compare back to back yourself. I admit this isn’t for everyone, takes longer to download, costs more, takes up 10x more space! But I can hear a difference, and feel it definitely gives me an advantage.

I get a lot of compliments on “my sound” when I play, which does seem to confirm tat I am on the right track, however, I also accept that I should always be learning, and the only way to do so is to listen to others and discuss things in order to gain access to their experience and knowledge.

As to Gain, I normally set this once at the beginning of the evening and I generally don’t mess with it again. I set it at 12 O’Clock and check that at full slider and master volume I have no red or orange lights, and I am good to go.

rgds Tim

Hi, :slight_smile:

I use a program called “Platinum Notes”, to balance the volume level for each track, (12.5 dB), and it also reprocesses the tracks, removes clips, and expands quieter tracks. I also add in “warmth”, and reduce the treble’s sharpness so it is less wearing on the ears at high volumes, (90 dB and upwards).

This creates me a new PN version of the tract, leaving the original track in the “Master” folder as a backup.

Hence I am relatively free to ignore gain structure. Again this is not perfect and sometimes I play attack and its not quite right, so I have to go back and reprocess the odd track here and there. But I quite enjoy the process, (a bit Nerdy I guess), and the organising/sorting I do in iTunes with playlists.

thanks, Tim

hi Guys,

still got the issue, and I notice the track affected change. It also seems to be getting worse.

I have restarted iTunes, selected the library, etc. to no avail. I have also zapped my PRAM, and a couple of other bits, but no change. Is this an iTunes issue? ie something to do with the last upgrade? All was fine 6 weeks ago, then the odd track, now quite a few.
Or … do I have something wrong with my laptop/system? I am considering deleting my itunes Store version of DjayPro, and repurchasing a copy direct from algoriddim, without the FX pack, as I have read that tthis has sorted problems for others. Worth a shot?

rgds Tim


bought a new copy, downloaded it, deleted as much of the old copy as I could find, (hidden files,folders,etc). Then disconnected from the Net, (Wifi off). Ran installer, opened software, all good so far, asked for key, went into demo mode.

So from the above, definitely a fresh install of DjayPro 1.3.1

Now the bad news, still has the issue with greyed out files and error -54.

This means, that even a brand new install is receiving bad info from… iTunes? the only thing I would say is that the FX packs were still there? Milk & Sugar, GE Science, etc. are these standard with the base install? If so then above still holds, iTunes is somehow not giving full/complete access to the database file and/or the iTunes DB file is corrupted.


rgds Tim.

Hi All,

I have found a solution! Its a little painful, but so dar so good in terms of banishing the “Error -54” issue.

I simply created a brand new, empty iTunes, and then copied all my tracks into the new iTunes, once done I deleted the old iTunes folder. (including the XML file).

This seems to have done the trick! I have played three times thus far and no Error -54, which is great. I still think there is an issue here, but it appears to be with the iTunes XML file itself.

Hope this is of some use. :slight_smile: