The performance pads on my MIxon 4 dj controller have latency issues ever since downloading the latest update.

Latest update gave us Tidal and a whole bunch of bugs

Hi Mic Mac, Thank you for getting in touch. Which exact djay version are you using right now? Could you record a little exemplary video of the latency? Thank you in advance.

Hi Mic Mac, Thank you for getting in touch. You can use services like to create a download link which you can send as a reply to your latest inquiry with the mail support team. This would help us a lot to help you with this issue and we are looking forward to your mail :slight_smile:

One way to share videos is to upload the video to youtube and set it “unlisted”.
Then send the link to support :slight_smile:

I went through this already with your support team. The video is too large a file for your email system and your website won’t accept it either. So… it’s quite frustrating because everything was perfect before the latest update, and then suddenly you can’t play multiple buttons/ pads at once or else all sorts of latency/ delays happen. The Mixon 4 calls itself a ‘high perfomance’ controller. Is this your problem or Reloop’s?

Edit: Sorry, I’m using version 2.1.4